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Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 5.30.53 PMWhy start a blog? I have thought about it on and off for the last several years. More than one friend has suggested I have one, but I always hesitated. What did I have to say? I have a lot of opinions, but I am not sure that they are that noteworthy. Now even my web site developer wants me to start a blog. So, I started thinking about what I would write about in one.

Even though I do post on Facebook and Twitter occasionally, I am not a big fan of minute-by-minute accounts of my acquaintances’ days. I am not sure it raises my vibration or the vibration of the planet to know that they are at Waffle House, that they have found the most recent, most adorable cat video, or that they don’t have any clean underwear.

So I was back to wondering what I would write about in a blog. Well, what would I want to read? I want to learn new ideas, I want to be stretched, and I want to be challenged. I want to feel a pull from the center of my being that allows me to grow and consider different ways of seeing the world, myself, and others. And then I realized…. I wouldn’t write about what I am doing or what I think. I would write about what I am learning.


Every day, I want to be clearer, more connected to Source, more aware. In that process, I am a devoted and persistent student, and I am interested in every idea. I want to better understand the Spirit-Mind-Body connection to create a deeper connection to Spirit.

Because of my background, I am especially interested in how the brain works, how it affects and is affected by the rest of the body, and how to make the system more efficient. Because I believe that a more efficient system creates an open mind and open heart, I have learned that understanding the autonomic nervous system and how to regulate it will allow for deeper and more gratifying meditation experiences.

I have learned that controlling and regulating my breathing massages my heart on more than one level and gives me the concentration and focus I need to reach my goals. I am learning how to use my brain and my body to be more flexible in my thoughts and actions, how to forgive and to love more deeply, and how to use more natural concepts for healing and bringing the mind and the body into balance.

If any of these concepts are of interest, then I invite you to join me in this journey. I am excited about what I have learned and the new information still in front of me. I hope you will come along for the ride.

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  1. Dennis Brannen
    Jan 31, 2013

    Its a great blog! What took you so long? So for a future blog I am asking for an explanation of why there is an amygdala etc
    for each hemisphere and if there is any difference in the function and outcome for the left brain and right brain. Does that make sense? Also I am reading the book, The Music Lesson: A spiritual Search For Growth Through Music by Grammy award winning bass player Victor Wooten. My question is does a particular music genre create the same (general) brain response in different listeners or does how the listener’s perception and connection to the music genre noticeably modify the brain response? Thanks.

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